Charter and Ordinances

All Felton regulations fall under the following and are in PDF format:

Felton Town Charter

The Felton Town Charter sets out how the town will operate.

Felton Town Ordinances

The Felton Town Ordinances cover property & behavior within town limits.

Article I,Title 2- Abandoned Vehicles

Article I, Title 8 – Regulating the Parking of Oversized Vehicles

Article III, Title 2 – Handling and Disposition of Garbage, Trash or Rubbish & Fees

Article III, Title 2 – Amend Article III Title 2 to Impose a $25 Admin Charge for Delinquent Payments

Article III, Title 3 – Town’s Right to Discontinue Water & Trash Service Due to Non-Payment

Article III, Title 3 – Amend Article III Title 2 to Impose a $25 Disconnect and $25 Reconnect Fee for Non-Payment

Article IV, Title 4 – Requiring a License for Soliciting

Article IV, Title 10 – Regulating the Issuance of Demolition Permits and the Disconnection of Utilities

Article IV, Title 12 – Remove Fastening Devices from the Doors of Unused or Discarded Refrigerators

Article IV, Title 17 – Prohibiting Night Prowling

Article IV, Title 21 – Regulating the Keeping of Dogs within the Town of Felton, Prohibiting Dangerous and/ or Noisy Dogs and Authorizing the Impounding and Destruction of Dogs, and Providing Penalties for Violation thereof.

Article IV,Title 21-A – Regulating Dog and Cat Feces

Article IV, Title 27 – Regulating the Trimming of Trees and Regulating the Care of and Maintenance of Trees

Article IV, Title 28 – Regulation of Swimming Pools

Article IV, Title 29 – Preventing and Prohibiting the Repair of Motor Vehicles on the Street

Article IV, Title 32 Noise Ordinance

Article IV, Title 33 – Controlling the Height of Grass, Weeds and Other Vegetation

Article IV, Title 34 – Concerning Obstructions, Nuisances, Hazards or Unsanitary Conditions

Article IV, Title 39 – Regulating Presence of Minors Under the Age of 18

Article IV, Title 40 – Requiring Snow Removal from Sidewalks, Pavements, Walkways and Streets

Article IV, Title 41 – Prohibiting Bonfires and Outdoor Rubbish Fires

Article IV, Title 42 – Prohibiting Skateboarding on Town Streets

Article V, Title 1 – Requiring Contractor’s License

Article V, Title 5 – Sex Offender Registry

Article VI, Title 2 – Establishing a Planning & Zoning Committee Review Fee

International Property Maintenance Code

The IPMC covers the maintenance of property within town limits.
International Property Maintenance Code

Planning & Zoning Code

The Felton Planning & Zoning Code covers all building requirements within Town Limits.
Planning & Zoning Code

Planning Zoning 2013

Ordinance for adoption of IPMC

Site Construction Standards & Specifications

The Felton Site Construction Standards & Specifications set out specific requirements for water utility and street projects.
Site Construction Standards & Specifications
07-R-08 Resolution to Amend Construction Standards & Specifications
09-R-07 Resolution to Amend Construction Standards & Specifications

14-R-03 Resolution to Amend Constructions Standards and Specifications